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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It is sad...

...but while I scroll down the blog, I see that the whole project have died and revived a lot of times, making little progress every time I bring it back to life.

I guess this is one of the "dead" periods of this project. My job and a couple of other projects keep me extremely busy those days, but I hope I will revive it again, and try harder this time.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slow but steady.

Hello again, the progress is slow but exist.

I'm not sure if anyone else have faith in the project anymore, but I still do.
I believe the guys I have shared my plans for this game so far are like "nice images, but I don't see you ever complete the project". Maybe they are right but I want to believe that I have plenty of years ahead of me to complete it. Maybe I will not have it ready in a year but maybe I will have it in 2, I don't think that having this project mostly as a hobby means that it will never be completed.

Anyway, I have some more images to share. As you can see a reason for my slow progress is that I just can't use freely available 3D models in Multiverse, or to be honest I don't want to use them.
I make every single object from the ground up, I love to do that, it make it feels mine. This have an impact in workflow but I don't care, I don't want to make something with objects I found around the internet and just arranged them in a scene. However I used some ready objects for the "intro" cutscene as you can see below, even if they are heavily edited and it is hard to say.

Enough with the talking however, here are the images:

I made some adjustments in the teleportation device.

This is inside the building I have hided the building however for faster previews.

A render with the walls up but without the rest of the furniture, only the device.

A detail next to the entrance, we will have to light the room once we enter, right?

The view from the windows, good thing we arrived in time, just before the rain started.

From the intro cutscene, I will use the animatic style here. Static comic like frames with a little animation (like zoom in or pan the static frame), voice and other sound FX.

Every dramatic story need something terrible to start.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Taking the right direction.

The time between each update is huge, I know, but this happens when you try to do something that big all alone and you try to have real life as well :P

Anyway because I don't update the blog here it doesn't mean that I'm not doing any progress with the game at all.

As I previously said the whole game is complete revamped and as of that I scrapped almost everything I made back in college.
This may look stupid, but if you have started something completely wrong trust me, it can't go any better than bad! The best thing you can do is to start over, keeping in mind all those mistakes you did last time and trying to avoid them.

So I posted here the revamped first level and the revamped teleportation device but all this time I was working alongside the graphics with the new scenario.
Yes NEW scenario, the basic idea is the same, a scientist who made a teleportation device and he is traveling through dimensions. However I never had a clear view on where the first scenario was going, I didn't have any specific leads, I didn't know what the purpose of this travel should be, I was just like "lets design beautiful worlds and I will see how I will connect them".
Now however I have scripted in detail why our hero is traveling and what he is doing there, also I added a more emotional point of view for the events.

The problem is that I'm not sure about sharing the scenario at the moment, I haven't figured out yet how I can talk about the scenario without adding a lot of spoilers about the game, and I'm afraid I will ruin the game, I don't want to make a "police story book with the murderer's name written at the first page"...

I will see how I can bypass this, because I could really love some feedback about the scenario.

Be well everyone!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello there, I know I haven't updated here for a while now. The reason is that I didn't had anything to post. The project was stalled completely and just recently I restarted my creative activities (well I was completely idle, what can I say, laziness...).

Anyway I'm back now and here are some renders from the recreated teleportation device. I hope I will keep up now and make some progress.

Also here is an older render from a random idea that popped in my mind few months back.


That's all for now, I hope I will be back sooner next time :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update 1, a new beginning

As I said, the new plan is to change a lot of things in the game. So here I start with the revamped level 1, the laboratory!

I completed the outside scenery and made a short looped animation that is gonna play as game starts.


Here is a screen shot as well, with better details.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally, we have a destination!

The whole "Adventure Game Project" have became a complicated idea in my mind during it's development.
The idea started as the "step to take next" after my initial paperwork for my thesis in college and resulted in a blotware of random ideas.
Well I finished my thesis and graduated, the demo I developed was enough to show my work and the English teacher that came to examine me (thank God) was a gamer himself and not only he did knew what a Myst clone is about, but he actually played the demo without any help from my side.

OK so far, but I always had in mind to go farther with the development, after my thesis is completed and create a complete game that can be even sold as an independent developed one.
Because of that I always had in mind the creation of other places and universes that can exist within the game, I designed a handful of them actually.
The problem is that in the end all I had was good but random ideas. There is not any backbone to support the game's structure, all those ideas are not connected to each other, there is only the main idea that they can be connected through a teleportation event like the one that started the story.

In addition the only completely designed level (the first one, in the laboratory) was a crapload of newbie mistakes, staked on each other and made almost impossible for me to do changes afterwards.
The bigger mistake is that I designed everything as one file, one scene with everything around that I only have to turn the camera around and render pictures.
Well it is not bad as an idea, it sound really easy, right?
But unlikely how it sound, it was a bad idea. In combination with my mistake to add details that doesn't matter because of the distance to the camera, I ended up with a huge number of polygons (trillions to be honest) that made me unable to move smoothly within the scene and do changes or add new things.
The whole scene was way too heavy for my system, and I'm sure it could be pretty heavy even for a system with a quadro or firepro professional grade GPU.

The right way was to have one scene for every render I wanted to do, each time with only the objects that are really visible to the player, and without details that doesn't matter (for example there is no need to make a brick by brick wall if you see it on the distance, just a texture with bump mapping on a box can do).

Also the initial building, it was way too small for my needs. It made me to have no room for any puzzles or riddles at all, because I designed it before I think about what I want to have in there.

So now that I have typed down the past mistakes that I have to avoid from now on, and with plentiful of time in my hands, I decided not only to revive the project but to revise it as well.

I started to type down the story as a book, so I can use it as a guide for the game design. This way I can describe in detail every idea I integrate in the story and then follow step by step to recreate this idea visually.

Also I redesigned the first level, the new laboratory is a whole hangar like building now with plenty of room to unfold the story and create some interesting interactions between the player and the world

Enjoy a first render of it:

The Lab revised!

So now I finally have a destination, I finally have a plan to create a complete game!

Keep in touch, because the best part's of my game are on the way!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Project is revived

Hello there, it is being a while since my last update. A lot of things happened and in the meantime I also released a demo of the game.

I don't have any working links right now (I first published it back in June) but I will upload the demo again somewhere and give the links here.

So what happened all those months?

First of all I finished with my bachelor of arts and alongside a presentation of the game. I also presented the demo and I got a 7/10, not bad I guess.
After that I got my call to the army (here in Greece we have to go, we can't skip it somehow) but they decided to send me back home because I have a problem with hearing lose and they decided I'm not capable to stay at the army.
I cried a river for that... ok not really, I was quite happy to save me 8 months of useless army duty.

So I came back to Athens and started to getting my life back in the daily routine, then send out some CVs to find a job and now I want to get back in the work with the game.

I had a couple of ideas in the meanwhile and also thinking of rebooting the whole game plan.

It is unclear to me right now what I will change, but once I settle down my ideas and thoughts I will let you know.

It is not like changing much however, I wanted to try to put the game in Cryengine 3 or Unreal 3 but the time I need to learn this programs right now is a leap backwards. So I will stay with the pre-rendered scenes and try to assemble the game in wintermute game engine.

I will let you know soon about the rest of my plans.

See ya!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Long time no seen

Hello there, even if I don't post news, I'm not idle.

The project is still on the go, I have now a phenom x6 1095T to aid the final renders, and I work a lot in preparing for the final exams. Also I found out that rendering with ambient occlusion lighting is way faster than radiosity and still realistic enough to be acceptable.

You see the game is the project for the BA but I have to make a presentation and I will focus mostly on the progress in creating the game, than the game itself.
As a result the progress have slow down a lot and I just do renders for the laboratory, while I make some hand made artwork and other thinks that in a team working environment I could share with the other teams of a gaming studio.

I could like to share some of the artwork but I don't have a scanner at home, I will scan the images somewhere else and post them.

Also I type the book of the presentation which is another pain in the ass, and also I have to write a short version in English for the English examiner.

Come to think that I also have to make the presentation itself... damn, I work on this a year and yet it seems I have done little progress.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another idea

So while I'm waiting for the final renders for stage 1 to finish I made this:

I have no idea where I will add it (nice game plan eh? :P) but I will!

Also I arranged a couple of things and there is a high possibility to buy an AMD Phenom x6 1075T for X-mas, it will be a great boost for the renderings and for the whole project!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Still waiting for the renders to end...
I knew that the final renders will took up most of the time in this project but I really didn't expect it to take that much time.

So I keep working on somethings here and there but definitely have almost nothing to show up because all the work is been done under the hood.
However it seems that this "waiting" is giving me time to reconsider some things, like the menu screen for example.
The first attempt was this:

ok not really, the very first was a disaster with some shitty shinny looking font copping the font style from Riven...
Leaving the font aside this render here is... way too busy. All this rocks and grass and shit... really when you got a lot of tools you just want to use them all in one shot.
Just look at the buttons, all photoshop effects are in use... (ok not all).
After doing some yoga to find my inner graphic designer and some negative criticism from my girlfriend for how cheap and out of space the first title (well there was the font I mentioned and... many many effects...) I realized what I did and brought back in my mind the golden rule.
Less, is more! (But don't overdid it, ok?)

So renewed and bored to death from waiting the renders I came up with this:

Also I made an info screen:

And visualized some other ideas I had. I know more artists when they are to show some idea they draw it in hand or with markers etc, but hell I just find it easier to make it directly in Vue and then make changes here and there, or even rework the whole scene to fix things that went terrible wrong.

So here is a bridge I did and I hope to use later in the game:

And here is some other ideas for the stage 3:
The floating islands:

And this is some short of altar, which will go on the final and bigger floating island, it will be something like the final "portal" to end stage 3.